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ken ulman: question seven will keep that money right here. stephanie rawlings-blake: more jobs, millions for schools. jim smith: i'm voting for question seven. ken ulman: i'm voting for question seven. stephanie rawlings-blake: and i'm voting for question seven. 33
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3 3 3
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3 & - two deaths in maryland- one in pasadenn... tree fell on house- one in in thh u-s
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- kathleen cairns- live in &pocean cityy
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- wess ballimore--building coolapsee-
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 33 ((traffic eporter ad libs)) map computer mapp40 map shawan
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3 3 mayor: casino owners in west virginia are spending
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millions again question seven. that upsets me. and that upsets jonathan ogden. you don't want to upset jonathan ogden. ogden: no you don't. mayor: question seven means thousands of jobs and millions for our schools. but these west virginia casinos want to keep it all for themselves. we're not happy about that. ogden: no we aren't. mayor: so join us and vote for question seven. and west virginia, don't make me send jonathan ogden over there. mayor: vote for question seven. ogden: for baltimore. bob maloney--- &ponnthe phonnergencyy -3
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3 takk look at this video ppeasant bay can see how powerful the wind isa&whipping around this street sign..overnor deval patrick declaree a ssate oof emergency for massachusettss hh also hassannounced that utility crews will pair tree crews.this ccmes after oration criticism in the wake of purriiaaeeirene laat yeer. hurricane sandy was reclassiiied as a
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post-tropical suuerstorm beeore it made andfall monday coast. 3-- hyannisport, assachuseets -- dock house hallway in water, people near shore, bbg waves 3 - rushhng water inside a commuter train station in hoboken, new jersey- water also seeped nto many other subway stations in the
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